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Denizcilik İngilizcesi Soru Bankası 2

11-03-2013, 01:56 PM
1- The forepeak tank is used to
A) store fresh water or ballast water. XX
B) store paint, buckets, ropes in.
C) divide the vessel into longitudinal subdivisions.
D) stow the chain cables of the bower anchors.
E) determine the ship’s carrying capacity.

2-Depth from waterline to vessel’s bottom is called;
A) keel
B) air draught
C) draught XX
D) freeboard
E) under keel clearance

3-What part of a ship isn’t in accommodation spaces?
A) boiler room XX
B) galley
C) crew mess
D) laundry room
E) cabin

4- The four(4) types of merchant vessels are:
A) Passanger ships—Cargo vessels—Auxiliary vessels—Fishing vessels, XX
B) Warships—Cargo vessels—Auxiliary vessels—Fishing vessels,
C) Passanger ships—Yachts—Auxiliary vessels—Fishing vessels,
D) Passanger ships—Cargo vessels—Dredgers—Fishing vessels,
E) Passanger ships—Cable layers—Auxiliary vessels—Fishing vessels.

5- The most modern kind of lifeboat, dropping or falling into the sea and which is covered, iş a/an :
A) Inflatable life raft
B) Freefall XX
C) Lifebelt
D) Liferaft
E) Water proof life boat

6-Navigator’s sea map with coast outlines, rocks, shoals, known as:
A) Charter party
B) Chart XX
C) Charge
D) Charter
E) Clearance

7-Going through water by force of wind with the help of the sails is known as :
A) Navigation
B) Steering
C) Propulsion
D) Sailing XX
E) Manoeuvering

8- Which of the following statements is not correct about tallying?
A) Tallying is the process of counting, checking and recording of cargo when it comes aboard and leaves the ship
B) Tally clerks are responsible for tallying
C) One group of tally clerks are employed by shipper whereas one group are employed by ship owner
D) The Bill of Lading is important as it states the description of the goods, quantity, marks on packages
E) It’s not anybody’s responsibility if there’s damaged cargo on board XX

9- Cargo gear .
A) provides ventilation in the holds
B) sometimes called manholes leading to the lower compartments.
C) protects the weather compartments below deck from waves
D) is a vital concern both for good seamanship and for the seaworthiness of the vessel
E) is used for purposes of loading and discharging XX

10- When steel is in contact with water, air or salt solutions, it undergoes a chemical change known as …....................….. .
A) Coating
B) Bitumen
C) Rusting XX
D) Cement
E) Deterioration

11-Intermediate Surveys are:
A) More detailed(details extended) Annual Surveys,
B) They fall due,nominally 2,5 years after the commencement of the class period,
C) They are made whenever necessary,
D) (a)+©
E) (a)+(b) XX

12- Request details of station in convoy.
A) Konvoydaki mevkiye ilgi rica ediyorum
B) Konvoydaki mevki hakkında bilgi rica ediyorum XX
C) Konvoydaki mevkii bilgilendirin lütfen
D) Konvoydaki mevkiye bilgi verin lütfen
E) Konvoydaki mevki hakkında işlem yapın lütfen

13- “I am not under command” means .........
A) I am not unable to manoeuvre as required by the Rules
B) I am unable to manoeuvre as required by the Rules
C) I am no different than what I was before
D) therefore I can keep out of the way
E) therefore I could keep out of the way

14- “Stand by” means that the information is ............
A) negative
B) affirmative
C) not immediately available XX
D) not proper
E) not heard

15-‘l need help’ may be followed by……………..
A) What is the anchor position for me?.
B) I am sending a boat for you.
C) I have a long tow.
D) I am aground. XX
E) I am altering my course to port.

16- “I am sinking”, “I am on fire”, “I am not under command”, “I am in collision” and “I am aground” are all ..............
A) pilot request messages
B) way point messages
C) anchoring messages
D) clearence messages
E) incident messages XX

17. The Medical Report Format for Seafarers is filled/completed by:
A) Only the Captain,
B) Only the hospital ashore,
C) Only the Doctor ashore,
D) By the Captain and also the hospital/doctor ashore, XX
E) All the officers on board

18-If the weight of a floating ship is greater than the weight of equal volume of water displaced by the ship, the ship will ...........
A) float
B) tilt
C) list
D) sink XX
E) capsize

19-Displacement Tonnage of a ship is:
A)The weight that a ship carries, when it is fully loaded with cargo,
B)The amount of water spilled out by a ship, when it floats at a specific condition,XX
C)The total volume of all the closed spaces of a ship,
D)The sum of all weights including the cargo,
E)None of the above

20- For classification survey,the following is to be kept on board and made available
to the surveyor on request :
A) Class certificates and other documentation of significance,
B) Reports on previous surveys performed,
C) Approved drawings,
D) All the above, XX
E) None of the above
15-07-2013, 02:46 AM
süper paylaşım, emeğine sağlık

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