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Denizcilik İngilizcesi Soru Bankası

03-04-2013, 05:04 PM
1.Any electric motor can be constructed to be .................... prof.
1) Short
2) Ground
3) Explosion XX
4) Overload
5) 1 ve 2

2. Trawlers, whaling ships and purse seiners are in the category of ............................
1) pleasure crafts
2) fishing vessels XX
3) passenger ships
4) naval ships
5) excursion boats

3. While making your rounds, you notice the main lube oil temperature is higher than normal. To remedy this situation, you should:
1) Speed up the main lube oil pump
2) Open the lube oil cooler seawater inlet valve wider
3) Throttle in on the lube oil cooler seawater discharge valve
4) Close the lube oil cooler seawater discharge valve wider
5) Open the lube oil cooler seawater discharge valve wider XX

4. What word is not related to cargo handling equipment?
1) filler XX
2) derrick
3) hoisting
4) jib
5) crane

5. The sequence of events in a cycle within 4 stroke diesel engine is:
1- The piston is forced down at BDC (Bottom Dead Center) exhaust valve opens
2- The piston is at the top of its stroke, TDC (Top Dead Center), inlet valve opens, fresh air is drawn
3- Pressure is high in the gases
4- Fuel is injected as the piston reaches TDC, to start the combustion
5- Inlet valve opens, fresh air drawn as the piston moves down
6- At the bottom of the stroke BDC inlet valve closes and the air in cylinder is compressed as the piston rises
1) 2-5-6-4-3-1 XX
2) 2-5-6-4-1-3
3) 2-6-5-4-3-1
4) 5-2-4-6-3-1
5) 5-2-6-4-1-3

6. The cylinder cover is tightened against liner with studs. What word can be used instead of the underlined word?
1) removed
2) replaced
3) screwed XX
4) slackened
5) supported

7. To remove the impurities and water droplets from oil, .......................... are used on board a ship.
1) purifiers
2) clarifiers
3) centrifuges
4) separators
5) all XX

8. Oily water separators are used to separate oil from bilge water .................. the bilge water is pumped ................
1) after / overboard
2) before / overboard XX
3) before / inboard
4) after / out
5) when / aboard

9. Having an unstarting compressor must make you think the possibiliy of ..........................
1) No charge of liquid in the system
2) Closed solenoid valves
3) 1 and 2 XX
4) None above
5) Having sufficient amount of air

10. The motion of the piston in the cylinder is;
1) rotary
2) axial
3) bending
4) fluctuating
5) reciprocating XX

11. On most diesel engines, the governor controls the speed by:
1) Contolling the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders XX
2) Varying the speed of the turbocharger
3) Adjusting the compression ratio
4) Changing the timing of the fuel injection camshaft
5) Changing the timing of the exhaust valves

12. When the separated oil is burnt by an .............., the application is recorded in Oil Record Book.
1) oily water separator
2) ejector
3) incinerator XX
4) chlorinator
5) aeration chamber

13. ................ the fire pumps are at work. What word can be used instead of underlined part?
1) inoperable
2) operable
3) in operation XX
4) arranged
5) out of order

14. .................... is the control of temperature and humidity in a space together with the circulation, filtering and refreshing of the air.
1) Refrigeration
2) Air conditioning XX
3) Ventilation
4) Cooling
5) Circulating

15. In two stroke engines, if the engine has exhaust valve(s), it is a .................... scavenged engine.
1) cross flow
2) non-flow
3) overflow
4) loop
5) uniflow XX

16. Which one is not treated on board?
1) sewage
2) feed water
3) freshwater
4) lube oil
5) ballast water XX

17. "The intake valve is open and exhaust valve is closed. The air is drawn into cylinder while the piston is moving downward" defines;
1) power stroke
2) compression stroke
3) intake stroke XX
4) exhaust stroke
5) combustion

18. An overspeeding diesel engine could best be stopped by:
1) Disconnecting the battery cables from the starting motor
2) Draining the cooling water
3) Draining the hydraulic fluid from the governor sump
4) Blocking the flow of cooling air to the radiator
5) Blocking the air intake and securing the fuel supply XX

19. In the incident of oil fire ..............................
1) Get water on deck
2) Open steam or CO2 smothering system to cargo holds
3) Close off all ventilation, blowers, doors etc.
4) Open CO2 smothering system to cargo holds
5) All above XX

20. The pump type using a piston or plunger to remove the fluid;
1) rotary vane pump
2) gear pump
3) reciprocating positive displacement pump XX
4) screw pump
5) centrifugal pump


1. An electric heater built into the cylinder water jacket would be used to:
1) Raise lube oil viscosity for easier starting in cold weather
2) Increase air inlet temperature
3) Increase compression ratio
4) Increase jacketwater temperature for easier starting in cold weather XX
5) Heating compressed air

2. .............................. protects the pump shafts from erosion, corrosion and wear
1) Wearing rings
2) Renewable sleeves XX
3) A hardened metal coating
4) Internally flooded lantern rings
5) Lantern rings

3. It shall be the responsibility of the ................ to prepare the boilers for inspection.
1) Chief Engineer XX
2) 2nd Engineer
3) Boatswain
4) 2nd officer
5) Any above organization

4. Cavitation, the forming and bursting of vapor filled cavities or bubbles will result in .............................
1) A loss of thrust
2) Erosion of the blade surface
3) Vibrations in the afterbody of the ship
4) Noise
5) All above XX

5. Sediment collects in a tubular purifier:
1) On top cover
2) In drain line
3) On sides of bowl XX
4) On the discs
5) None of above

6. Studs and nuts intended for use in main steam line flanges and fittings are marked with an "H" or a "T" to show they are:
1) Heat resistant XX
2) Hard finished
3) Half threaded
4) Corrosion resistant
5) Fire proof

7. What kind of bolts would you use on a saltwater line?
1) Cold rolled
2) Brass XX
3) Cast iron
4) Plastic
5) All of the above

8. If one cylinder was getting more fuel then others the effect will be ...............
1) That cylinder's being overloaded
2) The exhaust valve's being overheated
3) Average compression XX
4) Incomplete combustion
5) Complate combustion

9. The air supplied to the cylinders by a turbocharger is often reduced in volume by a/an:
1) Air compressor
2) Diffuser
3) Filter
4) Venturi
5) Aftercooler XX

10. What harmful consequence can result from sludge in the lube oil system of a trunk piston diesel engine?
1) Clogged oil pump suction screens
2) Increased oil temperature
3) Stuck piston rings
4) Any of the above XX
5) None of the above

11. "Water hammer" is caused by:
1) Hitting water pipe with hammer
2) Too much water in pipe line system
3) Water in steam linesXX
4) Steam in water lines
5) Few amount of water in pipe line system

12. A cracked cylinder head on a diesel engine could be indicated by:
1) Excessive lube oil consumption
2) Water draining from the fuel leakoff valves
3) Excessive fuel oil consumption
4) Excessive cooling water consumption
5) Combustion gases venting at the expansion tank XX

13. The thermostatic expansion valve of R-22 or R-134 a refrigeration system controls the:
1) Back pressure in the evaporator coils
2) Temperature in the refrigerated space
3) Superheat in the refrigerant leaving the evaporator XX
4) Refrigerant pressure in high side
5) Temperature in the condenser

14. When operating at high or low speed in the use of nozzles in a turbine, attention and precaution must be taken that ........................
1) The nozzles in use should be wide open
2) Operation with a few nozzles as it's economical
3) The nozzles not in use must be tightly closed
4) All above XX
5) Only 1 and 2

15. An advantage of aluminum pistons compared to cast iron pistons is:
1) Greater high temperature strength
2) Greater weight per cubic meter
3) Increased resistance to wear
4) Low temperature strength
5) Better heat conductivity XX

16. Insufficient refrigerant in a refrigeration plant on board a ship may result in:
1) High discharge pressure
2) Frosting of the crankcase
3) High temperature of the overboard water
4) Low suction pressure XX
5) Low temperature of the sea water

17. The removal of contaminating impurities from lubricating oil will ................
1) Increase engine wear
2) Decrease engine wear
3) Increase possible breakdowns
4) Decrease possible breakdowns
5) 2 and 4 XX

18. A propulsion diesel engine is normally shut down by .........................
1) Shutting off the air supply
2) Overspeeding the engine
3) Securing the fuel supply XX
4) Securing the ignition system
5) All above

19. The valve which is always partially open when the evaporator is in operation is the:
1) Vapor valve
2) Continuous blowdown valve XX
3) Bottom blowdown valve
4) Surface blowdown valve
5) Fresh water valve

20. Which valve is normally closed when charging an R-22 or R-134 a refrigeration system through the high side?
1) The thermal expansion valve
2) The dehydrator inlet valve
3) The suction line valve
4) Both the thermal expansion valve and dehydrator inlet valve
5) The liquid line king valve XX


1. All diesel lubricating system must:
1) Have a forced feed mechanical lubricator
2) Prevent oil fog in the crankcase to avoid crankcase explosion
3) Provide oil for cooling the piston and cylinder wall
4) Provide a film of oil between the piston and cylinder wall XX
5) None of the above

2. Which of the following is highly advised to be used for washing turbo charger blower by the manifacturers?
1) Hot water XX
2) ACC9 + Hot water
3) Fitter clean + hot water
4) Carbon remover + hot water
5) Descales liquid + hot water

3. When does a two stroke cycle diesel engine produce a power stroke in each cylinder?
1) Once in every 2 revolutions of the crankshaft
2) Once for every 4 stroke of the piston
3) Once for every 2 stroke of the piston XX
4) Directly after the exhaust stroke
5) None of the above

4. "The intake valve is open and exhaust valve is closed. The air is drawn into cylinder while the piston is moving downward" defines;
1) power stroke
2) compression stroke
3) intake stroke XX
4) exhaust stroke
5) combustion

5. To produce steam on board a ship, ................. are mostly used.
1) steam turbines
2) purifiers
3) boilers XX
4) clarifiers
5) evaporators

6. If the quantity of oil and particles in separated oily water is ...... 15ppm, it can be drained overboard.
1) below XX
2) over
3) at
4) above
5) up

7. ....................... leads excessive lost motion in the valve mechanism of a duplex pump.
1) The pump to short stroke continously
2) The pistons to stop in mid stroke
3) The pump to operate sluggishly XX
4) The cushioning valves to wear
5) 1 ve 2

8. A steam turbine has curved blades. What word can be used as the opposite of the underlined word?
1) straight XX
2) flat
3) sharp
4) smooth
5) vertical

9. Low head pressure can be caused by ...........
1) Too much condensing water
2) Too cold condensing water
3) Leaky discharge valves
4) Insufficient change of refrigerant
5) Any of the above XX

10. Which of the followings is not one of the qualities of the governor?
1) The main control device on the engine
2) Controls the engine speed when the power is required to change
3) The supplementary control device on the engine XX
4) Can be adjusted automatically
5) Made up of speed sensing arrangement and hydraulic unit

11. ....................... the fire pumps are at work.
What word can be used instead of underlined part?
1) inoperable
2) operable
3) in operation XX
4) arranged
5) out of order

12. When purging a refrigeration system, the compressor is .......................
1) Running
2) Running with the bypass open
3) Shut down XX
4) Running with the bypass closed
5) Running stedily

13. The main components of crankshaft assembly are webs, pins and journals. What word can be used instead of the underlined word?
1) purposes
2) sides
3) parts XX
4) types
5) means

14. Blue smoke coming from the diesel exhaust would indicate:
1) Excessive fuel consumption / unburned fuel
2) Burning of lube oil due to possible blow by XX
3) Lean fuel / air mixture, too much air
4) Less amount of fuel consumption
5) None of the above

15. In a 2 stroke engine each revolution of the crank is completed within the angle of ......
1) 360° XX
2) 180°
3) 720°
4) 90°
5) 45°

16. Which of the following indicates pump's function instead of its structure?
1) bilge pump XX
2) centrifugal pump
3) positive displacement pump
4) gear pump
5) reciprocating pump

17. When the separated oil is burnt by an .................. the application is recorded in Oil Record Book.
1) oily water separator
2) ejector
3) incinerator XX
4) chlorinator
5) aeration chamber

18. "manometer" measures:
1) Air pressureXX
2) Steam pressure
3) Oil pressure
4) Water pressure
5) Oil temperature

19. What word has a positive meaning?
1) abrasion
2) corrosion
3) contaminate
4) overpressure
5) overhaul XX

20. Why do you add cornstarch to an evaporator?
1) To cut down on priming and scale XX
2) To make the water taste better
3) To prevent high temperatures
4) To increase the rate of vaporization
5) To reduce the temperature of fresh water


1. The turbocharger of an auxilliary diesel engine is most effected by
1) Air inlet manifold pressure
2) Engine speed
3) Exhaust temperature
4) Engine load XX
5) None of the above

2. The low pressure side of a refrigeration system is from the:
1) Expansion valve to compressor XX
2) Compressor to expansion valve
3) Expansion valve to the evaporator
4) Condenser to the expansion valve
5) None of the above

3. The valve which is always partially open when the evaporator is in operation is the:
1) Vapor valve
2) Continuous blowdown valve XX
3) Bottom blowdown valve
4) Surface blowdown valve
5) Bottom blowup valve

4. An over speeding diesel engine could best be stopped by:
1) Disconnecting the battery cables from the stating motor
2) Blocking the air intake and securing the fuel supply XX
3) A raining the hydraulic fluid from the governor sump
4) Blocking the flow of cooling air to the radiator
5) Both 3 and 4

5. The dehydrator on a refrigeration plant is used to:
1) Add moisture to the system
2) Remove moisture from the system XX
3) Remove air from the system
4) Remove oil from the system
5) Both 3 and 4

6. The colis in the evaporator are attached to the header by:
1) Pipe nipples
2) Union type fittings XX
3) Welding
4) Bolted flances
5) Both 3 and 4

7. The oil level in the compressor should be checked:
1) While the compressor is in operation
2) Just before starting the compressor
3) After a long period of operation
4) For both 2 and 3 XX
5) None of the above

8. What is the advantage of using a hydraulic starting system for an emergency diesel?
1) The system is inexpensive
2) High pressure lines are not required
3) It is compact
4) Faster cranking speeds are obtained XX
5) None of the above

9. ....................... is the first signal of lube - oil trouble.
1) Lube oil gravity tank low level alarm goes off
2) Low lube oil sump level
3) Low outlet temperature from lube oil coolers XX
4) No flow throught bull's eye from gravity tank observed
5) 1 ve 2

10. Regardless of the geographical location of on oil spill, you should notify the .................
1) Local police department
2) Local fire department
3) Corps of Engineers
4) Coast Guard XX
5) The pilot

11. Cylinder liner are generally used on diesel engines because:
1) Liners may be easily replaced after the cylinder watls show wear XX
2) Liners provide a more efficient coding system
3) Rubbing speeds are reduced through the use of liners
4) Liners provide a beter lubricating surface
5) None of the above

12. The TEV (thermostatic expansion valve) is located between:
1) The receiver and the king valve
2) The king valve and solenoid
3) Both 1 and 2
4) The solenoid valve and evaporator XX
5) The charging valve and solenoid

13. Minor freon leaks can be detected by the use of a device called:
1) A freon visible leak detector
2) A freon audible leak detector
3) The blue oven flame detector
4) Halide torch XX
5) None of the above

14. What type of gauge reads pressure and vacuum?
1) Duplex
2) Simplex
3) Both 2 and 3
4) Compound XX
5) Bourdon tube

15. What would cause white smoke after you just started the diesel?
1) Too week battery power
2) Water in the fuel XX
3) Water in the gas
4) Water in the oil
5) Salt water in cooling water

16. Worn bearings, rings, and valves all contribute to:
1) Poor reversal
2) Quiet operation
3) Hard starting XX
4) High pressure
5) None of the above

17. In a diesel engine closed cooling system, the flow of fresh water through the fresh water and lube oil coolers is controlled by the:
1) Speed of the engine
2) Speed of the pump impeller
3) Automatic temperature regulator XX
4) Suction pressure regulator
5) Governor

18. As freon leaves the expansion valve:
1) Pressure decreases - volume increases XX
2) Volume decreases - pressure increases
3) Volume increases - pressure increases
4) Pressure increases — volume decreases
5) None of the above

19. Most gauges in the fire room are:
1) Manometers
2) Thermocouples
3) Dual purpose
4) Thermometers
5) Bourdon tube - type XX

20. The bulb for the TEV (thermostatic expansion valve) is located:
1) In the middle of the evaporator coils
2) Near the evaporator coil outlet XX
3) Near the evaporator coil inlet
4) On the bottom row of the evaporator
5) None of the above


1. Static electricity is most often produced by ........................
1) Pressure
2) Heat
3) Magnetism
4) Friction XX
5) Motion

2. Fire tube boilers are designed to operate within the conditions of:
1) High pressure, temperature
2) Low pressure, temperature XX
3) High capacity and quick steam raising process
4) Low capacity but quick steam raising process
5) High capacity but they are heavy

3. If one fuel oil strainer of a duplex unit becomes clogged while your vessel is steaming at sea, you should first:
1) Clean the dirty strainer as quickly as possible
2) Change the strainer over to the clean side XX
3) Stop the fuel oil service pump
4) Open the strainer bypass valve
5) Stop the engine

4. ....................... is the principal hazard to staff when a diesel nozzle tester is in use is.
1) Electrical shock
2) Toxic fumes
3) Explosion
4) Blood poisoning XX
5) Loosing consciousness

5. The usual cause of crankcase explosions in diesel engines is not ............
1) Heating lubricating oil XX
2) Overheating lubricating oil
3) Poor condition of the cylinder
4) Crank shaft bearing failures maintanance
5) Any above

6. Another name for the liquid valve is:
1) Master valve
2) King valve XX
3) Freon valve
4) Shut off valve
5) None of above

7. ................. is not one of the advantages of the open cooling system.
1) Being the simplest system
2) No requirement of heat exchange
3) Obligation of keeping engine cool XX
4) The requirement of only one water circulating pump
5) The requirement of 2 water circulating pumps

8. Before starting an auxiliary diesel engine, you should:
1) Change fuel oil strainers
2) Clean the air filter
3) Check the crankcase oil level XX
4) Vent the cooling system
5) Clean flywheel

9. Scavenging means .......................... on an internal combustion engines.
1) The removal of exhaust gases by blowing in fresh air XX
2) The filling of the engine cylinder with a supply or change of fresh air
3) The formation of exhaust gases within the cylinder
4) The removal of exhaust gases
5) Any above

10. What types of lubricating oil systems are used on diesel engines?
1) Forced feed and gravity
2) Forced feed and splash
3) Both 1 and 2
4) Gravity and wick
5) Wet sump and dry sump XX

11. What is the high pressure side of the refrigeration system?
1) Compressor to condenser
2) Evaporator to compressor
3) Expansion valve to evaporator
4) Compressor to expansion valve XX
5) Evaporator

12. Pre combustion chambers in a diesel engine:
1) Require that each cylinder use two spray nozzles
2) Require the use of fiat crowned pistons to obtain turbulence
3) Permit the use of a wide range of fuel in that engine XX
4) Contain all of the air charge at the end of the compression stroke
5) Require that each cylinder use more than four spray nozzles

13. What is the flexible coupling used for?
1) Small amount of misalignment XX
2) Take up for vibration in the shaft
3) To allow for expansion
4) Connects between the bull gear and the tail shaft
5) To allow for streching

14. If a bilge pump failed to build up discharge pressure, you should check for:
1) Excessive water in the bilges
2) A clogged suction strainer XX
3) Oil in the bilges
4) A closed skin valve
5) None of the above

15. Fuel is ignited in the cylinder of an operating diesel engine by:
1) The heat of compression within the cylinder XX
2) A spark plug in the pre-combustion chamber
3) An electrical discharge from the distributor
4) Heat from the fuel injection nozzle
5) With a simple spark plug

16. Under normal operational conditrons, the rudder is hydraullically locked unless ...................
1) The manual trick wheel is engaged for steering
2) The pupm is off stroke
3) A normal rudder order is given by the control system XX
4) An electric power failure occurs at the steering gear
5) 1 and 2

17. A propeller turning clockwise when viewed from aft is considered right handed nost single screw ships have ................ propellers. A twin screw ship usually has .................................... propeller and a .............................. propeller.
1) Right handed / right handed starboard / left handed port XX
2) Right handed / right handed port / left handed starboard
3) Left handed / right handed starboard / left handed port
4) Left handed / right handed port / left handed starboard
5) Right handed / left handed starboard / right handed port

18. What would cause white smoke after you just started the diesel?
1) Too week battery power
2) Water in the fuel XX
3) Water in the gas
4) Water in the oil
5) Salt water in cooling water

19. The solenoid valve can be typed as a:
1) Thermal valve
2) Magnetic stop valve XX
3) Bellows valve
4) Bimetallic valve
5) Both 3 and 4

20. A "pneumercator" measures:
1) Oil pressure
2) Air level
3) Liquid level XX
4) Air pressure
5) Air temperature


1. Trunk type diesel engine pistons are most effectively cooled when heat is:
1) Radiated through the engine block
2) Mixed with lubrication oil
3) Conducted through the piston crown
4) Transferred to escaping exhaust gases
5) Transferred to water cooled cylinder walls XX

2. .......................... should be regarded as a special attention after installing a new hydraulic pump.
1) The relief filters should be readjusted
2) The filters and strainers should be checked frequently XX
3) System pressures should be readjusted
4) The fluid should be drained and renewed
5) All above

3. Which of the following types of valves is used in the bilge manifold?
1) Swing check
2) Nonreturn XX
3) Angle
4) Globe
5) Butterfly

4. The process of supplying the intake of a diesel engine with air at a pressure greater than atmospheric is called:
1) Engine displacement
2) Scavenging
3) Air injection
4) Supercharging XX
5) Intercooling

5. The rotating part of a micrometer is the:
1) Anvil
2) Barrel
3) Frame
4) Thimble XX
5) Cover

6. In accordance with the international requirements, the bilge purifier will separete oily water within the density of ...............
1) < 15 particular per million XX
2) < 15 particular post million
3) < 15 particular per meter
4) < 15 particular per meter
5) < 15 particular per billion

7. Water in the lube oil system may be detected by: I. sounding lube oil tanks with water sensitive paste; II. observing the purifier discharge.
1) I
2) II
3) I and II XX
4) Neither I nor II
5) None of above

8. By definition a separator: I. removes solids from the lube oil; II. removes water from the lube oil.
1) I
2) II XX
3) I and II
4) Neither I nor II
5) Any of above

9. ......................... is the cause of burned exhaust valves.
1) Overloaded cylinder
2) Poor combustion
3) Distortion and faulty reseating maintenance
4) Any above XX
5) 1 and 2

10. Electrohydraulic steering units are protected from pounding forces (rudder shock) by:
1) Buffer springs
2) Followup mechanism
3) Relief valves XX
4) Relieving gear
5) Steering pumps

11. When the oil in the seperator is decreasing, which place cannot be leaking?
1) Lower bearing casing
2) Drum shaft
3) Wormgear shaft bearing hosing
4) Middle ball bearing casing
5) The o-ring at shock water entrance to separator into shockwater XX

12. When a cargo hose joint or coupling starts to leak badly the attempt you should do is to ............................
1) Reduce pumping pressure and wrag leak securely
2) Shut down transfer and make repairs XX
3) Soak spill with sawdust and reduce pumping pressure
4) Wash deck immediately and close tank tops
5) Carry on transfer

13. In the simple mechanical governor, the:
1) Flyweight centrifugal force is balanced by spring pressure XX
2) Centrifugal force rotates the ball head
3) Flyweight centrifugal force is balanced by hydraulic pres sure
4) Speeder spring actuates the fuel control rod
5) Hydraulic force rotates the ball head

14. The requirement for portable fire equipment is .........................
1) Annual check
2) Keeping in easily accessible places
3) Hose connections and keeping hoses in good condition
4) All above XX
5) Before the end of consuming period

15. Cut out system on the aux boiler operates.
1) Low level alarm
2) Low low level alarm XX
3) High level alarm
4) High pressure alarm
5) Low pressure alarm

16. A fire sprinkling system must be fitted ...........................
1) On all vessels over 5.000 GT
2) In conjunction with the CO² system XX
3) With a pressure tank of fresh water to the supply system pending the starting of the pump
4) None of the above
5) 1 and 3

17. How are line shaft bearings usually lubricated?
1) A gravity-feed
2) Pressure-feed
3) Oil lubricating disks
4) Oil lubricating rings XX
5) Oil injectors

18. The function of the exhaust system for a turbocharged diesel engine is to .................
1) Power the aftercoolers
2) Power the turbocharger XX
3) Reduce the cylinder scavenge effect
4) Cool the turbocharger
5) Any above

19. Before ballasting by gravity .........................
1) Pump in balast for about 10 minutes to wash out bottom lines
2) Start pump before opening sea valves
3) Make sure all proper valves are open
4) All of above XX
5) 1 and 2

20. In the incident of oil fire ............................
1) Gen water on deck
2) Open steam or CO2 smothering system to cargo holds
3) Close off all ventilation, blowers, doors etc.
4) Open CO2 smothering system to cargo holds
5) All above XX


1. A device which will function to bring an engine to a full stop in order to protect it from damage due to excessively high speed is known as a/an:
1) Torque limiter
2) Overspeed trip XX
3) Overspeed governor
4) Load limit governor
5) Any of above

2. Performance of a turbocharged engine can be improved by:
1) Decreasing valve over lap
2) Preheating
3) Aftercooling intake air XX
4) Preheating light fuels
5) Heating intake air

3. When the valves are operated ........................... on a diesel engine, they are actuated by means of cams, pushrods, rocker arms and rollers.
1) Mechanically XX
2) Hydraulically
3) Pneumatically
4) Electrically
5) Any above

4. The reciprocating motion of a connecting rod is transformed into a rotary motion by the ...................
1) Crankshaft XX
2) Crankwebs
3) Crank cheeks
4) Crankpine
5) Piston

5. Lubrication oil viscosity in an operation diesel engine can be reduced by:
1) Overloading the engine
2) Increasing the amount of lube oil
3) Decreasing the amount of cooling water
4) Combustion by products contamination
5) Fuel oil dilution

6. All details of fuel bunkering, balast handling, tank cleaning or slop disposal must be entered in the ..............................
1) Rough log
2) Engine room log
3) Oil record book XX
4) Smooth log
5) 1 and 2

7. Refrigerant leakage from the compressor crankcase is prevented by ........................................
1) Using skirt type pistons
2) Using shaftseals XX
3) Using lantern rings
4) Maintaining a vacuum in the crankcase
5) Any above

8. When oil is heated, it becomes ..................
1) Less viscous XX
2) Emulsified
3) More viscous
4) Vitrified
5) Not necessarly vitrified

9. Watertube boilers are designed to operate within the conditions of .........................
1) High pressure, temperature, capacity XX
2) Low pressure but high capacity
3) Heavy but quick steam raiding process
4) 1 ve 3
5) For the auxiliary purposes

10. In terms of pressure and temperature, what happens to the primary refrigerant the compressor?
1) Its pressure and temperature are both lowered
2) Its pressure and temperature are both raised XX
3) Its pressure and lowered and its temperature is raised
4) Its pressure is raised and its temperature is lowered
5) None of the above

11. The pistonheads in the engine are manufactured concave and convex shaped in order that .....................
1) The vessel will be faster
2) It will control the temperature of the engine
3) It will increase oil pressure in the engine
4) It will increase the durability of the piston XX
5) It will provide a powerful engine

12. Emergency generators can be stopped via ....................................
1) Ovelvoltage trip
2) Overspeed trip
3) Manual trip XX
4) Undervoltage
5) Any above

13. The purpose of the low pressure cutout switch is to:
1) Maintain liquid refrigerant at the suction of the compressor
2) Maintain a preset suction pressure to the compressor
3) Cut out the compressor at a set pressure
4) Maintain compressor in at a preset temperature
5) Cut compressor in and out at a preset pressure XX

14. The instrument always used in conjunction with a salinity indicator is the:
1) Pyrometer
2) Thermometer XX
3) Hygrometer
4) Hydrometer
5) Oxygen meter

15. All of the following are used for low temperature starting, except:
1) Ether
2) Jacket water heaters
3) Both 1 and 2
4) Air intake heaters
5) Cylinder compression ratio reduced XX

16. A pyrometer is normally used to measure:
1) Steam pressure
2) Water temperature
3) Draft loss
4) Humidity
5) Gas temperature XX

17. When maneuvering, you discover heavy smoke coming from the turbocharger casing. You should:
1) Check the air fitler for dirty
2) Check for an exhaust leak
3) Check the cooling water temperature
4) Notify the bridge and ask to shut the engine down XX
5) Check fuel oil consumption

18. The successive order of 4 stroke diesel engines:
1) Compression - suction - firing - exhaust
2) Suction - firing - compression - exhaust
3) Suction - compression - exhaust - firing
4) Suction-compression - firing - exhaust XX
5) Compression - air inlet - firing exhaust

19. Prior to port arrival, a diesel alternator ........................... turbo alternator ............................. and all the full away procedure should be done ...........................
1) Will have to be started / will be shut down / in reverse order XX
2) Does not have to be started / will have to be shut down / in reverse order
3) Will have to be started / will have to be started / in right order
4) Will have to be shut down / will have to be started / in reverse order
5) Doesn't have to be shut down / will have to be shut down / in right order

20. The drains from both effects in a low pressure evaporator have their pressures equalized in the:
1) Equalizer tank
2) Drain tank
3) Flash chamber XX
4) Air ejector condense
5) Fuel oil tank


1. The suction control switch on the compressor is a ..........................
1) Thermal element
2) Thermostat
3) Pressure element XX
4) None above
5) All of above

2. In case of burning of radio equipments on the bridge the extinguishers should be the same as the ones to be used in ......................... fires, keeping in mind that the fire will turn out to be a ......................... fire when starting firefighting takes long.
1) Class E / Class A XX
2) Class E / Class B
3) Class B / Class A
4) Class C / CIass A
5) Class C / Class E

3. Considering the fuel, ignition quality is determined by .......................
1) Cetane number
2) Diesel index
3) Calculated cetane index
4) Flashpoint
5) All except 4 XX

4. As Freon leaves the expansion valve ..........................
1) Pressure increases - Volume increases
2) Pressure decreases - Volume increases XX
3) Pressure decreases - Volume decreases
4) Pressure increases - Volume decreases
5) Pressure increases - No change in the volume

5. ........................ should be followed as a procedure, if it is necessary to pump bilges while a vessel is in port.
1) Pumping only if discharge is led to a shore tank or barge XX
2) Pumping only during the hours of darkness
3) Pumping only on the outgoing tide
4) Pumping only as much as is necessary
5) Pumping only the day hours

6. The system used for breaking scale from the evaporator coil while the evaporator is in operation is called:
1) Recirculating
2) Blowing down
3) Cracking off XX
4) Dumping
5) None of above

7. Fire detecting and extinguishing equipment is required on all ................
1) Cargo vessels
2) Passenger vessels on international voyage
3) Vessels over 150 feet in length XX
4) Vessels over 450 feet in length
5) Cruise boats

8. When starting ballasting .......... valve should be opened last.
1) Seacock
2) Pump discharge valve
3) Deck filling valve
4) Tank suction valve
5) None above XX

9. On a diesel engine, a freshwater heat exchanger is used rather than a saltwater to:
1) Maintain fuel oil temperature
2) Maintain lube oil temperature
3) Cut down on rust and corrosion XX
4) Keep the engine block from freezing in cold weather
5) Maintain air temperature

10. The lubricant is expected to have the qualities of ............................
1) Preventing metal-to metal contact
2) Causing metal to metal contact
3) Decrease friction
4) Decrease friction wear
5) All expect 2 XX

11. An overheated bearing in the main propulsion unit is indicated by:
1) Bubbles in the sight glass
2) Sludge in the strainers
3) A high oil level in the sump
4) Low temperature of the lube oil leaving the bearing
5) High temperature of the lube oil leaving the bearing XX

12. The heat which is used to change a liquid to a gas or vapor is called latent heat of .......................
1) Absorption
2) Fusion
3) Liquid
4) Evaporization XX
5) Fission

13. The liner which has no direct contact with the cooling water is what kind of a liner
1) Wet
2) Dry XX
3) Integral
4) None of the above
5) Cooled with lubrication oil

14. ................................... is the first to do when securing an AC generator.
1) Tripping the generator circuit breaker
2) Switching the voltage regulator to manual
3) Decreasing the field excitation to minumum
4) Reducing the load on the unit XX
5) Increasing the load on the unit

15. .......................... should be considered as a hazard on the propeller and a thorough examination and repair will be carried out when the vessel is in dry dock.
1) Bent blades
2) Signs of cracks on the blade edge
3) Deep pits and holes
4) Edge cracks
5) All above XX

16. The upper section of a piston is called the:
1) Land
2) Skirt
3) Crown XX
4) Plate
5) Disk

17. The main characteristics of a diesel engine is:
1) internal combustion engine; the fuel is burned external of the cylinders
2) producing high power of energy
3) either 2 or 4 stroke, fuel is burned inside the cylinders XX
4) economical in compare with the steam engines, but hard maintenance
5) fixed sequence of events within its unique type

18. .................... is hardly the cause of a smoky diesel engine exhaust.
1) Overload
2) Malfunctioned injector
3) Choked exhaust pipe
4) Inappropriate amount of fuel XX
5) Appropriate amount of fuel

19. How often should the emergency diesel be run under load?
1) Once a year
2) Once a month XX
3) Once a week
4) At survey time only
5) At drydock

20. Emulsification of oil will ocur when mixed with:
1) Air
2) Water XX
3) Black oil
4) Ice cream
5) Oxygen


1. This gauge measures both inlet and outlet pressures of a strainer:
1) A compound gauge
2) A duplex gauge XX
3) A biogauge
4) Pressure / Vacuum gauge
5) None of the above

2. Which one is not identical with the characteristics of the construction of a-2-stroke diesel engines?
1) Instead of valve holes, ports are installed
2) A cycle is completed in 2 strokes of the piston
3) Produce high power in compare with 4 stroke engines
4) The maintenance is simple
5) A cycle is completed in 2 revolution of the crackcase XX

3. All refrigerator compressor valves are opened and closed via ............................
1) Springs
2) Camshaft
3) Pressure differential
4) 1 or 3 XX
5) None above

4. One horsepower equals ....................
1) 1000 watts
2) 746 watts XX
3) 100 watts
4) 940 watts
5) 786 watts

5. When distilling salt water the cooling-water discharge from the distiller is fed back to the evaporator as feedwater:
1) To cut down on the amount of cooling water needed
2) To prevent an excess amount of cooling water from being discharged to the bilges
3) To supply hot water to the evaporator for more economical operation XX
4) To supply sufficient amount of sea water
5) None of the above

6. If the flow of water from a centrifugal pump is stopped by closing the discharge valve with the pump running:
1) The relief valve will open
2) The water pressure will stabilize at shut off head XX
3) The water pressure will tend tor ise continuously
4) The driver will be over loaded
5) The water temperature will tend to decrease continuously

7. The purpose of an evaporator is to .......................
1) Transmit the latent heat of fusion
2) Transmit the latent heat of evaporation
3) Absorb the latent heat of evaporation XX
4) Absorb the latent heat of fusion
5) Any above

8. .......................... are the common parts within the 2 and 4 stroke diesel engines.
1) Piston, valves, cylinder, fuel injector
2) Crankshaft, crosshead, cylinder
3) Turbocharger, piston, gudgeonpin, cylinder
4) Crankshaft, connecting rod, pistons
5) Cylinder, connecting rod, pistons XX

9. Which factor below is not the cause of vibration and noise in turbines?
1) Unbalance
2) Distortion of casing
3) Loose couplings
4) Tight couplings
5) Any above XX

10. Pre-ignition can be caused by .................... in an operating diesel engine.
1) Excessively late fuel injection
2) Oil in the air charge XX
3) Water in the fuel
4) Injection continuing after the fuel charge is ignited
5) None above

11. Which of the following actions should you take to correct a low condensing pressure in a refrigeration system?
1) Purge the condenser
2) Remove refrigerant
3) Adjust the thermostatic expansion valve
4) Increase the compressor speed
5) Add refrigerant XX

12. ............................. is a process, in which the temperature of a space on whatever takes place in, is reduced below that of their surroundings.
1) Refrigeration XX
2) Air conditioning
3) Ventilation
4) Heating
5) Freezing

13. A ball bearing will overheated if:
1) Completely full of grease XX
2) Half full of grease
3) In us efor a long time
4) Operated at high speed
5) Operated at high speed

14. Emergency generators are placed .......................
1) Near the machinery space
2) Above the bulkhead or freeboard deck whichever the higher XX
3) Midships near the engine room casing
4) Above the deep load line
5) None above

15. In a 4 stroke engine 2 revolution of the crank is completed within the angle of ....................
1) 720° XX
2) 360°
3) 180°
4) 90°
5) 45°

16. What will happen to a small diesel engine that is equipped with an "auto type" thermostat if the bellows develop a hole in it?
1) The engine will overheat XX
2) The engine will remain cold
3) The engine will remain not start
4) The cooling water will "by pass" the engine
5) None of the above

17. Which of the following is not one of the parts of D/G overhaul?
1) Valve rotator
2) Valve sprindle XX
3) Intake valve
4) Valve seat
5) Starting valve

18. A spring bearing on the line shaft is lubricated by:
1) The lube oil gravity tank
2) Water leak off from the stern tube XX
3) An oil ring and scraper
4) The main lube oil pump
5) Any above

19. The second effect on a two pass evaporator receives its steam from:
1) De-superheated steam
2) Vapors from first effect XX
3) Auxiliary back pressure
4) Auxiliary forward pressure
5) None of the above

20. Flashlights used aboard tankers must be ................
1) Waterproof
2) Of the three cell type XX
3) Approved by the Board of fire underwriters
4) All above
5) 1 and 3


1. Which of the below can be generatede on board?
I-fuel oil
III-electrical energy
IV-distiilled water
2) I-II-IV
4) III
5) I-III

2. What term is used to describe the loss of combustion pressure due to worn rings and liner?
1) Blowback
2) Blowdown
3) Both 1 and 2
4) Blowup
5) Blow by

3. If a centrifugal pump is noisy with excessive vibration during its operation, the cause would most likely be due to ........................
1) Bent shaft XX
2) Worn wearing rings
3) Reverse rotation
4) Excessive sealing water pressure
5) 2 and 3

4. The coils in the evaporator are attached to the header by:
1) Pipe nipples
2) Union type fittings XX
3) Welding
4) Bolted flanges
5) Both 3 and 4

5. The power produced in the cylinder is called ..........................
1) Cycle
2) Combustion
3) Break horse power(BHP)
4) Indicated horse power(IHP) XX
5) RPM

6. Which of the following isn't a component of a water tube boiler?
1) burner
2) header
3) downcomer
4) steam drum
5) booster pump XX

7. A floating ship displaces water equal to its weight.which word can be used from the underlined word?
1) Flooding
2) Afloat XX
3) Rolling
4) Pitching
5) Mooring

8. With a reciprocating pump, failure to deliver liquid may be caused by ..................
1) Pump not being primed
2) Discharge head too high
3) Liquid plunger packing worn XX
4) Any of the above
5) Only 1 and 2

9. Which below can be named as device for controlling speeds of turbines?
1) Throttle valve
2) Overspeed trip
3) Speed requlating governor
4) All above XX
5) Only 1 and 2

10. Any automatic sprinkler, fire detection and fire alarm system shall be capable of immediate operation at all times and no action by the crew shall be necessary to set it in operation. Each section of sprinklers shall include means for giving a visual and audible alarm automatically whenever any sprinkler comes into operation. Sprinklers shall be grouped into separate sections, each of which shall contain not more than 200 sprinklers. Each section shall be capable of being isolated my one stop valve only. A gauge indicating the pressure in the system shall be provided at each section stop valve and a central station. The sprinklers shall be resistant to corrosion by marine atmosphere. In accommodation and service spaces the sprinklers shall come into operation within the temperature range from 68°C to 79°C. A list or plan shall be displayed at each unit and suitable instructions for testing and maintenance shall be available. Sprinklers shall be placed in an overhead position to maintain an average application rate of not less than 51/m2/mm over the area covered by the sprinklers. According to the passage, it isn't true that;
1) The sprinklers can be affected by marine atmosphere
2) They will be in an overhead position to maintain the average application
3) The pressure in the system is displayed by a pressure gauge
4) Sprinkler system is used either fixed or mobile on board XX
5) The system shall be divided into sections

11. "The quantity of oil in separated water is controlled by a control unit" What sentence below has the same meaning?
1) Control unit controls the oil quantity and separate it
2) The quantity of oil is separeted and controlled by control unit
3) The oil quantity in water is separated by control unit XX
4) Control unit controls the oil quantity in separated water
5) Separated water in oil is controlled by control unit

12. Supposing a fire caused by short electric circuit within the equipments is categorized as a ...................... fire and will be extinguished via ..................
1) Class A / foam
2) Class C / chemical powder XX
3) Class C / CO2
4) Class B / foam
5) Class A / chemical powder

13. .................. is used as a fire extinguisher in case of fires resulted from electrical equipment.
1) Soda acid
2) CO² XX
3) Sand
4) Foam
5) 3 and 4

14. Every mechanical governor has ......................... as its basic element.
1) Power piston
2) Control rack
3) Weights acted on by centrifugal force XX
4) Isochronous droop spring
5) Piston

15. When vacuum is lost on a turbo generator the trip is actuated by .............
1) Sentinel valve
2) Back pressure
3) Slugs of water XX
4) Overspeed trip
5) 1 and 2

16. What is not included in the category of deck machinery?
1) Windlass
2) Hatch over
3) Bow thruster
4) Steam generator XX
5) Lifeboat engine
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