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Denizcilik İngilizcesi 2012- 2013 Soru ve Cevapları

10-03-2013, 04:45 PM
1-Which of the followings is the volumetric capacity of a ship?
a) Deadweight
b) Lightweight
c) Gross tonnage xx
d) Displacement
e) Full Loaded Displacement

2-Your ship is going to be sunk, What nature of message do you transmit?
a) Distress xx
b) Urgency
c) Safety
d) Routine

3-Before anchoring, Which publication do you use to check soundings
a) Notice of tables
b) Local Notice of tables
c) Tide Tables xx
d) Sight Reduction Tables
e) IALA Buoyage System

4-Surveys required internationally and/or by the flag state both,include:
c) IMO Codes
d) ILO Conventions
e) All of the above xx

5-During surveys, ship is sometimes ........ for visual hull inspection below the water line, anchor equipment and thickness measurement.
a) Anchored
b) Docked
c) at Sea
d) Dry Docked xx
e) Sea Locked

6- bütün yangın tiplerinde kullanılabilen cooling (soğutucu) etkisi olmayan yangın söndürücü hangisi?
a) water
b) foam
c) halon 1211
d) dry powder xx
e) halon mixcure

7- deniz dibi derinliği gibi bazı bilgilerve uyarılar haritalarda gösterilir aşağıdakilerden hangisi uyarılardan biridir ...(ben böyle çevirdim orjinal metni hatırlamıyom)
a) light house
b) buoy
c) ship wreck xx

8-muster list posted before ship sailing
a) engine officers
b) deck officers
c) engine crew
d) each crew member xx

9-the radio log book should be keep clear to the radio for ...... by any authorized person.
a) filling in xx
b) an easy access
c) inspection
d) drills
e) meintenance

10- You are running to danger............. cümlenin devamını sormuş.
a) alter your course xx
b) danger, wreck, in the channel.

11-alterations or.................. in an official logbook must be initialled by the authorised keeper of the logbook and the original data entries which have been cancelled or corrected must remain legible.
-- corrections xx

12-..............................a signal announce indicated for safety?
a) all ships
b) all ships all ships
c) pan pan
d) securite xx

13-which of the following ınternational code of signal including statement?
a) emg-dıstress-ınjured-damaged xx
b) maneovring-comunicatıon
c) safety comunıcatıon-helthh
d) helth-meteorojıcal forcastle

14- meteroloji sorusu ucunca bir paragraf sorunun sonunda %40 rüzgar artar ve deniz yükselir yazıyordu.
--sudenly increasing sea and wind.

15- .......... witdh is the widest (diye devam ediyor)

16-- .......... is an air masses that two different temperature meet ( gibi birşeydi)

17- Line may have eithr a left........or a right.......depending up on how the strand are twisted to gether.
a) Lay b)Twistc)Sided) Way e) Hand

18- Deadweight tons weight but ............................. volume feet cube
a) Gross Tonnage xx
b) Gross Register Tonnage

19- Life saving equipments highly ................................... for define
a) Visibility Color xx
b) Orange Color

20- Before departure "rectified" equipment
a) İnspected
b) Corrected xx

21- ..................... alarm seven short blast and 1 long blast
a) Muster
b) General xx

22- .................... issued by company or designed person, ISM Code regulation
a) DOC xx
b) SMC

23- ................... barometer doesn't including liquid inside, without - unlike mercury barometer
a) Aneroid xx
b) Mercury

24- ................ Leave add sentence out in the tender vessel
a) Angle and period of roll is large xx
b) Rolling is smooll and segular
c) Less severe stresses up on hull
d) GM is small for type size nature

25- Solas 74 convention has different evalution levels for different passages wich of the following is nor an evalution
a) Length of the ship
b) Purpose of usage
c) Number of the passengers
d) Tonnage of the ships
e) Owner of the ship xx

26- A ships size capasity can be described two ways linear dimensions or ...........
a) Tonnage xx
b) Length
c) Length overall
d) Draft
e) Width

27- .............. is to elliminate the heata side of the fire by applying something thast will absurb the heat
a) Smothering
b) Cooling xx
c) Smouldering
d) Prevating
e) Diluting

28- The ..... weight of each liferaft will not exceed 185kg
a) Total

29-The nautical almanac contains information on sunrise ................. moonrise and moonset ................?
a) Swells
b) Sunset xx
c) Atmosphere pressure
d) Ocean basin

30-When received a message from a VTS station "Instruction. Alter Course" the recipient
a) Has to alter course

31-Which is not a method of giving a position on VHF?
a) Reporting to a navigation mark
b) Giving latitude and longitude
c) Reporting a point
d) Giving the bearing and distance
e) Confirmin the speed xx

32- An abandonship drills and a/an ............... must be hold within 24 hours of leaving port more than %25 of the crev have taken past drills on board in previous month
a) Fire drill

33-For the carriage of the goodsi firstly the shipper or agent sends a ................... to the carrier to book his cargo. The document includes full explanations and facts of all the cargo
a) Booking note xx
b) Charter party
c) Sea report
d) Dock receipt
e) Boat note

34-Bill of lading is a ............... document and implies the owner ship of the cargo
a) İnternational
b) Customary
c) Negotiable xx
d) Certified
e) Secure xx

35- Depts on charts indicated by ........
a) Colours
b) Symbols
c) Numbers xx

36- ....... used main as an agent for A categorized fire
a) Halon b) Dry powder c) Foam d) co2 e) Water xx

37- Classification interests with:
a) Only hull
b) Hull and machinery
c) Elecrtical installations
d) Hull and elecrtical installations
e) Hull and machinery and elecrtical installations xx

38-A .............. report written and record when someone is witness of it
a) İncident xx
b) ISM

39-Wich statement is wrong regardin the bill of lading?
a) İt is issued bye the carrier of goods for shipment
b) İt is document of title of the goods
c) İt is a negotiable document
d) İt is issued when the goods have been discharget xx
e) Ship's agent draws up the bill of lading and the ship master signs it

40-Before using a fixed co2 system to fight an engine room fire, you must ..............
a) Evacuate all engine room personel xx

41-An instrument used for measuring the .................. of the air is called a hygrometer
a) Pressure b) Heat c) Air pressure d) Speed e) Humidity xx

42- The ability an object to float can be defined by
a) Displacement
b) Gravity
c) Stability
d) Buoyancy xx
e) İnclination

43-Old ............. nautical charts should never be used for navigation.....
a) Anf torn
b) Cheap
c) Or uncorrected xx
d) But redable
e) Or or inexpensive

44-During the survey, the vessel's structure support systems, equipment and electronics are inspected and ...............
a) Examined
b) Repaired
c) Replaced
d) Tested xx
e) Fixed

45- ........... is an offical record book which is used to keep information about a journey such as the ship's speed heading, port of call, crew complement, and events on board ship
a) A noon position report
b) A letter of confirmation
c) A log book xx
d) A draft survey
e) A letter of protesd

46- İs published weekly informing marines of important effecting navigational safety including new hydrographic information changes in aids to navigation
a) The notice to marines xx
b) The nautical almanac
c) Planning guide
d) The pilot book
e) The sailing directions planning

47-The main reasons to coot the underwater full is for ...... and fouling prevention.
a) Corrosion

48-Nautical chart based ........ by issued national hydrographic office of more national conutry.
a) Land survey
b) Hydrographic survey xx
c) Deep tide water

49-............ towards magnetic points.
a) Magnetic compass

50-...... Are used for pipes, ship's funnel for insulation?
a) Asphalts
b) Heat - resistant paints xx
c) Varnish
d) Plastic paints

51-If cargo damaged or ......... shall be made
a) Claim xx
b) Marks
c) Write

52-During navigation, navigator shall be refer to both texts and ....... example of text sailing directions list of lights example of table sight reduction.
a) Books
b) Directions
c) Tables xx

53-Notice of readnes are given to charteres agent that when the ship ........ at the port
a) Pilotage
b) Berthed
c) Arrived xx
d) Anchored

54-...... such as sailing direction light table and almanac
a) Nautical charts
b) Nautical publication xx
c) Sight reduction tables
d) Notice to marines

55-After using co2 potable extinguisher it should ........ put back in the service.
a) If 50m co2 nemaing xx

56-Which is not weather precipitation
a) Sleet
b) Hail
c) Halo xx
d) Snow
e) Rain

57-What is not included in the category of deck machinery?
a) Windlass
b) Hatch over
c) Bow thruster
d) Steam generator xx
e) Life boat engine

58- ............ meteorlogy deals air and wind forecast for shıps at sea
a) General
b) maritime xx

59-According to COLREG vessels should be deeled to be in sight of one another when one is observed............. from to other.
a) by radar
b) in range
c) visually xx
d) on course
e) and heard

60-The success of emergency response depend on............ by voıce and by radio handset between team leaders and command area…..
a) Cooperatıon xx
b) Cordination
c) Chech lıst
d) the quality of communication

61- ..... survey is a unigue one and a complete inspection off all the items relating to the particular certificate before the ship
a- initial xx
b- intermediate
c- annual
d- periodical
e- renewal

62- A vessel not having a "Seaworthiness Certificate" or of wich the part of it is over
a) Can carry cargo but not passengers
b) Cannot carry cargo
c) Cannot carry passengers
d) Cannot operate commercially xx
e) Cannot sail

63-What peepens the channels and clears the muddy bottom of ports, canals rivers?
a) Pipe layers
b) Icebreakers
c) Dredgers xx
d) Reefers
e) Bulkers

64-To inform others about danger, the message marker to be used is.........
a) Warning xx
b) Request
c) Information
d) Advice
e) Instruction

65- What is not displayed on a nautical chart?
a) Latitudes and longitudes
b) Deviation xx
c) Variation
d) Shoals
e) Lighthouses

66-What is not used describe a mark is IALA system?
a) Shape
b) Distance xx
c) Colour
d) Top mark
e) Light

67- For ship's good condition demostration ................................ and fitted, resposible person and charge of men working - keeping
a) Maintenance xx

68-Vessel is sinking she prabably
a) Fire fighting equipment
b) An escort
c) A lifeboat xx
d) Making a lee
e) Bunker

69- Yangınla mücadelede yapılacak işlemlerin sırası

70 -Dredging operations by the vessel M/V Gate from 10 October 13.00 hours to 11 october 03.00 hours in position 15 degrees 34 minutes North, 61 degrees 29 minutes. Wide …………..
A) channel needed
B) berth request xx
C) assistance required
D) distances indicated
E) cases covered

71-Paragraf vermiş Billur Kalkavan gemisi c/p de bulunmamasına rağmen shifting yaptırılıyor,kaptan protesto yazmış. (SORU UZUNDU)
-- letter of protest

72-GMDSS ile bir soru vardı. Nereye kaydedilir diye…
--gmdss log book

73-Charts track correction .............
--Correction Puplication

74-For charts depts looking ............ (haritada derinlik ile ilgili bilgiler nerede bulunur)

75-depths which have been measured are indicated by the …………… shown on the chart and dept on charts published in most part of use.

76- ……………. station are designated areas where you are go to emergency signal.

77 -immersiton suit help reduce the ……………. of body heat and shock entering cold water

78 -surveys required internationally and/or flag state?
a) imo
b) load line
c) ILO
d) LL
e) all of the above xx

79- should be used for weather decks and other suitable surface as compaion ways for the safety of..
--crew member

80- is useed after CO2 portable excuthunger. it should be ……………… (BANA SORULDU)

81-aşağıdakilerden hangisi kişisel can kurtarma aleti değildir diye bir soru vardı?

82-Harita ile ilgili açıklama vermiş ve harita bulunan bilgileri sıralamış ama bir tane eskik ........ demiş

83- draft ölçüsü gemi omurgasından ....... ya kadardır demiş

84. Ulaslar arası sözleşmelerden hangisi ''TOXID'' ile ilgilidir.
a) Solas b) stcw c) imo d) marpol xx e) imdg

85. soruyu tam hatırlamıyorum fakat kaba taslak şöle idi (BANA SORULDU)
Shipping ............ by broadcast radio diye devam ediyordu. Birde şöyle bir açıklama vardı belli saatlerde yayınlanır diyordu.
a) forecast xx
b) weather

86- Because Log books are vital documents,in the event of ........... or shipwrecks..they should be well protected documents for this events.
a)an accident xx
c)berthing operation
d)routine jobs
e)fire drills

87-without a calculator or computer programme….diye baslıyor sonu sight reduction together with nautical almanac to solve the celestial .........
c)azimuth xx

88- what is the Burthen tonnage?
a)light displacement
b)loaded displacement
c)deadweight xx
d)net register tonnage

89-During navigation, shall be refer to both texts and ......... example of text sailing directions, list of lights. Example of table sight reduction.
a) books
b) directions
c) tables xx

90- izbarconun tanımı yapılmış (eye or loop kelimeleri geciyordu) hangi bag denmiş?
a) Reef knot
b) bowline xx
c) margarita

91- ………….. gemiyi terkedeceksın canyeleğı ile bırlıkte ne alırsın yada ne giyersın?
a) loose clothes
b) warm out clothes xx

92- Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yangınla mücadele tiplerinden değildir?
a) Boğma -- choke
b) yakıttan uzaklaştırma -- to leave oil
c) soğutma -- cooling
e) dedektörlerle ölçüm yapılır -- make dedector measurement xx

93- Çok hasta ve yaralı kişilere yapılan yardımlarnasıl olur?
a) slowly -- yavaş yavaş
b) fastly -- seri bir şekilde
c) quickly, rapid -- hızlı bir şekilde xx

94- Seabed old day sounding pipe, this times ………

95- ....... issued by company or designed peson.
--ism code regulation

96- charts track correction........
--correction tonnage

97- there are three types of periodical surveys
--annual, intermediate, class reneval

98- which of the following statements is not correct? (BANA SORULDU)
--A bill of lading is sometimes signed by the chief officer.

99- which of the following is not a personal life-saving equipment?

100- The ......weight of each liferaft will not exeed 185 kg

101-Muster and ......... are requested mercehant vessel

102- makine dairesindeki yapılan işlerin kayıtlı bulunacağı ve sorumlu mühendis tarafından imzalanacağı log book nedir?
a)offical log book
b)engine log book xx

103- herhangi bir kazadan dolayı yapılacak sorveye ne sorveyi denir?
--damage survey

104- Class tarafından bir uygunsuzluk bulunmuş gemi ne yapmalı diye sormuş?
--class tarafından belirlenen aralıkarda uygunsuzluk giderilmeli

105- Radar?
--radio detecting and ranging

106-major burn için nasıl tedavi uygulanmalı?
--pour the cold water. -- Soguk su dökülmelidir

107- deadweight displacement net tonnage gross tonnage ve stowage factor ü tanımlamış yanlış tanımlanan hangisidir diyor.
--gross tonnage

108- Haritaları açıklamış iki tür harita olduğunu chart ve diğerinde boşluk var……….
--Electronic chart

109- gmdss vessel diye başlayıp devam ediyor ve cümlenin devamında should be kept ………. demiş ve denetim için yakında tutulmalıdır demiş.
--gmdss log book

110- ……………muster station a gelmeden önce tüm ventilation ların kapalı olduğunu, kapıların kapalı olduğunu, emergency fire pump ın çalıştığını vs. kontrol eder demiş.
a) chief officer
b) second engineer xx
c) safety officer
d) first mate
e) 3rd officer or 2nd officer

111-gemi jurnalinden bahsetmiş…ve en az hangi sıklıklarda jurnal doldurulmalı diye soruyor?
a) weekly
b) daily xx
c) monthly
d) hourly
e) önemli bir olay sonrasında hemen diye bir şıktı

112-I am sinking, probably she needs …………

113- Surveys expired ……. (BANA SORULDU)
c şıkkında ise 12 yıldan eski gemiler diyordu
-- A+B

114- ……………indicates marine area; içinde şamandıralar olur, o olur, bu olur…
--nautical chart olacak…

115- If casuality severe bleending which is you (first thing try)?
a) antiseptik uygulanir
b) kanayan bolgeye temiz bir bez ya da bandajala bastirilip baski yapılır

c) turnike yapilir

116- gmdss vessels diye baslayip devaminda, gmdss log book kept close to radio for................ of designated any person diye bir soru?
a) fill in
b) inspection xx
c) maintenance

117- Vessel's lenght over all (LOA) is measured as .......... and inch diye devam ediyor.

118- ............ meteorlogy deals air and wind forecast for ships at sea
a) general
e) maritime xx

119- According to COLREG vessels should be deeled to be in sight of one another when one is observed............. from to other.
a) by radar
b) in range
c) visually xx
d) on course
e) and heard

120- Güvertede güvenlik için yapılan boya?
--non-slip paint

121- A: Has your position been obtained by radar ?
B: .................................................. ........
a) My position has been obtained by radar xx
b) Your position has been obtained by radar
c) My position will be obtained by radar
d) You must alter course for identification
e) I do not have a radar

122- life raft denizde ve sizde atlıyorsunuz denize tam çeviremedim şıklar
a) port
b) starboard
c) in fornt of
d) into xx

123- Gemide oluşan bir hasar yada kazada ........ survey gelir
a) class
b) initial
c) immidatly
d) damage xx

124- A ship’s position may be found by a …………
a) knots b) navtex c) GPS xx d) cable e) gmdss

125- Geminin karinasına yapılan boyayla ilgili bir soru ?

126- fireman outfit ekipmanlarından olmayan aşağıdakilerden hangisidir tarzı bir soru ?

127- gemi ve şirket arasında her türlü emniyet konularında şirketin en üst düzey görevlileriyle irtibata geçebilen kişi kimdir?
a) designated person
b) ship security officer xx
c) safety officer

128- A certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships, ................ that the ship comply with the requirements of the regulation for classification construction, machine and equipment.
a) carry b)certify xx c)classes d)classify e)indemnity

129- Çevresine göre düşük olan basınç nasıl gösterilir.
b) L
e) H

130-Yüklemenin tamamlandığnın onaylanmış zamanı nerde yazılıdır. (BANA SORULDU)
a) daft survey report
b) NOR
c) SOF xx

131- What is her air-draught?
a) Yüksekliği ne kadardır? xx
b) Gemi düz mü?
c) Baş su çekimi ne kadardır?
d) Gemi başta trimli mi?
e) Şimdiki en derin su çekimi ne kadardır?

132- A coaster was on a journey in a fjord. Early in the morning, when the ship was to change course, she collided with a small lighthouse. The reason why the collision took place is unknown. The foundation of the lighthouse was circular with a flat top just underneath the water surface. Its diameter was bigger than the diameter of the lighthouse itself, situated right on top of the foundation. This construction causes a rather sharp outer edge, which could easily rip a ship's hull. This was what happened - the ship's hull was ripped open and she sank within minutes. Two persons on the bridge died. Two other crew members survived although they could not reach the survival suits which were kept under port bridge wing as the ship immediately listed to port and put them out of reach. One of the survivors managed to launch the starboard life raft. Another crew member was down in the mess room and threw out a couple of life jackets. He did not manage to get out of the mess room. The investigation found that the hydrostatic releases to the rafts had not been properly mounted. If the starboard side raft had not been launched manually, no raft would have been released.
We can not understand from the passage ………………..
a) why the vessel collided with a lighthouse xx
b) why the vessel sank
c) why the vessel’s hull was ripped
d) why the crew member in the mess room died
e) why the two other crew members survived

133- The angle of altitude of a celestial body is measured by means of;
a) gyrocompass
b) log
c) parallel ruler
d) timepiece
e) sextant xx

134- Strom .............. diye devam ediyor, kuzey batı atlantik te 10 civarı havayı haber verir.

135- genellikle şöyle söylenir ............ notical ............. and elect.chrts seyir için en güvenli harilar
--printed or paper

136- I) montrö boğazlar sözleşmesi 1936da yürülüğe girdi
II) Bütün gemiler geçiş hakkı elde ettiler
III) O zaman türk filosunun en büyük gemisi 13 ton civarındaydı.
IV) hiç bir türk gemisinin sigortası mevcut değildi.
V) Zamanla türk filosunun tonajı arttı
Leave the odd sentences
a)I b)II c)III d)IV xx e)V

137- The fixed aids to navigation located ashore or attached to the bottom of shallow waterways are;
a) buoys
b) lighthouse
c) lightships
d) beacons xx
e) flags

138- gemi bordasına yazılan load line hataları hangi convansiyona göre düzenlenmiştir.
--load line

139- en ucuz ve yangını soğutan madde.
a) co2
b) toz
c) water xx

140- Training of fire fighting procedure and mantenance should be assure ....... ?
--at regular drills.

141- meteorology report
athens meteology center
part 1 : no gale
part 2 : baleras sw1-3, w2-4, nw4-6 later strom and strong wind , moderate thunderstrom .....
which could be the weather case of baleras state?

142- which statement is not correct ?
--there is no regulatıon for sound sıgnal.

143- usually paper printed chart used by mariners and different type of chart entegred .......... electronics used.

144- …....... is effective agent medium of endosed space.

145- Which of the following is not Life-saving appliances ?
a) Liferaft
b) Life jacket
c) Life Boat
d) Life Buoy
e) Life insurance xx

146- seamans who can not use VHF how can comminicate. ( ingilizcesini tam hatırlayamadım. ama vhf kullanamayanlar nasıl haberleşir)
a) signal xx
b) loud speaker
c) flags

147- solas 74 convention has different evalution levels for different passages which of the following is not an evalution of the solas evalution (BANA SORULDU)
a) length of the ship
b) purpose of usage
c) number of the passengers
d) tonnage of the ship
e) owner of the ship xx

148- Vessel is sinking. she prabably needs ………..
a) fire fighting equipment
b) an escort
c) a lifeboat xx
d) making a lee
e) bunker

149- gemi jurnalindeki düzeltmeler nasıl yapılmalı?
--and so erasure must be permanent - (düzeltmeler kalıcı olmalı dedim)

150- …..... shows the description of cargo
a) cargo manifest xx
b) bill of lading
c) master receipt

151- 1. A11 cargo stowed open area,
2.cargo wet before shipment
3. weight and quality as per shippers dec.
The above mentioned part is ....................
a) a part of ' Master remarks ' in a 'master s receipt '

152- Bulundugunuz bölge üzerinde alcak basınc var. bir yüksek basınca dogru ilerliyosunuz karsılasılan hava hareketi nedir?
a) low
b) hİgh
c) lb
d) tayfun
e) siklon xx

153- tuzlu su ve havanın teması ıle olusacak durum

154- draft marks ..... and aft

155- güvenli yönetim ve şirket ile gemi arasında yapılan yürütmeleri anlatmış, kim sorumludur?
--designated person (dpa)

156- Birde acil bir durum anlatmış, 2 kaptan amirlik eder diyodu.
--oil pollution - (yağ kirliliği)

157- Türkçesi deneyimli yeterlilik sahibi surveye nedenir?
a) marine survey xx
b) harbour master
c) coast guard
d) port survey

158- filika tested yani kontrolü yapılmış herşeyi birmiş chf off diyor. kısa makale

159- Bir sörveyor denetlemesini yaptıktan sonra ne raporu hazırlar şeklinde bir boşluk doldurma sorusu vardı.

160- Kücük yara ve kesiklerle ilgili soru.
--bleeding stop, clean, medicate and bandage.

161- which can be taken if owner does not comply with class requirements
a) renewal survey carried out xx
b) annual survey carried out
c) need a new class

162- Cone, sphere, spar indicate buoy’s
a) Shape xx
b) Location
c) Funotion
d) Signals
e) Position

163- If the survey reveals that a vessel’s class has been affected?
a) There is no change in class
b) The survey is repeated in one (1) year
c) Class recommendations will be carried out withing the time limit given by the class society xx
d) The ship loses all the classes
e) None of the above

164- Gemide class ın korunması için ne yapılır gibi bi soru vardı.
a) bayrak devleti kontroller U.S coast guard tarafından yapılır.
b) IMO sorveyorları tarafından denetimler yapılır.
c) Gemi classdan çıkarılır.
d) Yıllık ve periyodik sörveyler class sörveyleri tarafından yapılır. xx

165- Burthen harfi ile başlayan bi tonaj sormus bu ne tonajıdır diye.
a) net deplasman
b) gross deplasman
c) full deadweight
d) partly deadweight
e) net register tonnage xx

166- The power produced in the cylinder is called.
a) cycle
b) combustion
c) break horse power(BHP)
d) indicated horse power(IHP) xx
e) RPM

167- Şoka giren kişiye ne yapılmaz die bir soru vardı.
--yiyecek ve içecek verilmez

168- kirli yakıtlar sepere edildiğinde sepere edilen kirli meteryal nereye gönderilir gibi bir soru.

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